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Framework for developing socially aware close-proximity applications.


Comm.unity is a software framework in development, which is intended to allow developers and researchers to easily create applications that are proximity aware and socially aware, and can run on a large set of existing consumer devices. It implements a wireless, device-to-device information system that bypasses the need for any centralized servers, coordination, or administration. It also supports the social learning and user profiling features described above, and designed to span an extensible set of radio interfaces (WiFi, Bluetooth, IR, etc.).

MIT Media Lab LabCast (11/2009)

Talk at the Civic Media Communications Forum (11/2009)

Talk + Live demo at the MIT Media Lab Sponsor Meeting (10/2008)

Motivation/Vision: The User Perspective

Back up. Think Global:

Now imagine doing all of this for free, no service charges, over an open platform that would allow any developer to enhance and add new features and applications. This is what we are aiming towards.

Technical Motivation / Design Goals

(November 26, 2009: Like the entire website, this page is still in development... Its going to be a busy winter break...)

Design goals + more technical info coming soon...

Here are the main motivators for creating comm.unity:

The current state of the close proximity networking space is very fragmented - Many different standards and technologies, and even devices with similar radios (e.g. Bluetooth or WiFi) are not always able to communicate directly to each other due to limitations imposed by vendor, service provider, or simply lack of appropriate software.
The vision of Comm.unity is to allow any device to talk directly to any other device that has similar radio technology. This means iPhones could easily discover and communicate with Nokia Symbian phones or Android phones via Bluetooth, no matter what mobile operator they belong to, and a WinMobile phone could connect to any Windows, Mac, or Linux computer without any special issues.


status update coming soon...

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